A humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is unfolding in Ethiopia, where every day millions struggle for their very lives due to drought and contaminated water.

But you can help. Montesquieu Winery has partnered with CNN Hero Doc Hendley of Wine to Water and some of the top winemakers on earth to make wines that make a difference.

Our limited-run of Napa Valley magnums made by Bob Levy and Martha McClellan sold out in three days, raising over $122,000 to bring over 10,000 people clean water in the Dale, Ethiopia - eradicating thirst from that entire region!

Even still, Martha McClellan wasn't done – we built a collection of Napa rosés around a beautiful wine she donated for the cause. Now sold out, Martha's Maqueda, Heidi Barrett's Prêt-à-Boire, and Hélène Mingot's Love Rosé raised another $20,000 for Wine To Water, providing water to 1,500 more people in Eastern Africa.

But there's so much more to be done. Millions are still in need, so we're partnering with the world's most famous winemaker, Michel Rolland, on a special project - a wine from the land of Africa, for the people of Africa.

$20 per bottle will go directly to Wine to Water to dig wells in Eastern Africa where community after community lacks access to clean water, causing waterborne, life-threatening diseases to run rampant.

Each bottle purchased will give clean water to an African family, changing the course of their lives forever. So help us bring good news to Africa by turning wine into water!